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Vitamins and pills



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Biochemistry / 4th Year

Mackenzie Lee

Asian Pacific Health Corps Programs Director

Veterans Home Pharmacy Volunteer

Undergraduate researcher at Miller Lab

Hello! I'll be your President this year and I'm super excited for you to find a community here with us. Come out to all our informational meetings and fun events - I can't wait to get to know you! Reach out in the Discord to chat, ask any questions, see adorable pictures of my bunny, or all of the above!


External Vice President

Biology / 3rd Year

Michelle Hii

CVS Pharmacy Technician 

MedReach UCLA's Public Relations Director

Life Sciences Core Office Reader

Hello! I am so excited to be your External Vice President this year and meet all of you in this wonderful community that is PPS! I can't wait to find amazing speakers and expand our horizons in pharmacy! Please feel free to reach out. Whether it's asking about classes or debating the best dining hall on the UCLA Campus, I am always open to a new conversation!



Human Biology & Society / 4th Year

Elizabeth Pham

CVS Pharmacy Technician 

Vietnamese Student Union Member

Hi hi! I will be your secretary this year and I'm so excited to meet everyone :* I've made a lot of amazing memories last year with the members and I hope to do the same this year <3 Come out to our meetings! It will be lots of fun hehe


Public Relations Chair

Biochemistry / 3rd Year

Sofia Lombardo

Learning Assistant

Volunteer with Matthew25!

Hey everyone! I will be your Public Relations Chair for the upcoming year! I am so excited to get to know each one of you better and make lots of fun memories! Don't hesitate to reach out to say hi, ask questions, or just to chat in general! Can't wait to see you all soon! :)


Internal Vice President

Biochemistry / 4th Year

Trevor Flores

CVS Pharmacy Technician 

Luskin Conference Center Worker

Veterans Home Pharmacy Volunteer

Hi everyone. I will be your Internal Vice President this year! I am super excited to meet everyone and learn more about the field of pharmacy together! If you have any questions or just want to talk, I am always available ! So stoked for the new year, and I hope to see everyone soon,



Biochemistry / 2nd Year

Ashley Wilson

Veterans Home Pharmacy Volunteer

Ballet Company member

Hello everyone! I am so excited to be your Treasurer for the upcoming school year. We have a lot of great opportunities planned and I’m looking forward to meeting you all soon!


Social Chair

Biochemistry / 4th Year

Jim Woo

CVS Pharmacy Technician

Veterans Home Pharmacy Volunteer

Co-President at Dialogue Society & Enriching Community Health Outreach

Undergraduate Researcher at Radu Lab

Hey! I will be your Social Chair for this year and I'm thrilled to get to know every one of you! If you are a fellow gamer, feel free to hit me up on Discord and we can mald together :) Even if you're not a not a gamer, feel free to reach out with anything! Let's have a fun year together!



Biochemistry / 2nd Year

Arielle Chang

Platinum Pharmacy Volunteer

SRP Student at Liquid Biopsy Lab

Undergraduate Tutor at Tang Lab

Academic Tutor at Total Learning

Hello! I will be your Webmaster for this year and I can't wait to get to know everyone in the club. If you do come out to any of our meetings, please don't hesitate to say hi to me or ask any questions about our website. If you just want to talk about random things, Studio Ghibli, horror movies, or desserts let me know! Looking forward to a great year. :)

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