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Membership is $20 for Fall 2022

Fill in the form below and pay the due to become a member of the Pre-Pharmacy Society! Receive weekly newsletters and updates on any opportunities through email. Membership applications for Fall Quarter 2022 are due:

Thursday, October 13 at 11:59PM

Active Member Requirements

Maintain active membership status by submitting your form and dues as well as receiving 4-5 general meetings points, attending at least 1 social, and receiving 1 volunteering point. For the 2022-2023 Winter and Spring Quarter specifically, 5 general meeting points are required due to the additional holidays. General meetings include attending our weekly in-person or online meetings, outside socials or additional PPS volunteering events. Socials are typically hour-long events held after general meetings to create bonds among members and also get to know the officers. Volunteering points include flyering during W1-2, helping out at in-person fundraisers, donating to PPS fundraisers, attending any non-PPS events posted in our weekly newsletters, or any other pre-approved PPS events. 
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