Interested in gaining pharmacy experience? Then apply to become a volunteer at the Veteran's Home! More information and the application can be found below!


Week 9 Update

Checking Attendance

You can check your attendance points by following this link. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Veteran's Home Pharmacy Volunteer Coordinator Application

Attention all current Veterans Home Pharmacy Volunteers! The application for VH Volunteer Coordinator is now open! Roles include acting as the PPS liaison, coordinating the volunteer program, keeping in close contact with pharmacy staff, managing quarterly rosters/surveys/point system, creating shift sign-ups, planning volunteer socials, and other duties as assigned. It is a lot of fun! This is not a PPS officer position and you are not required to fulfill any officer responsibilities other than running the volunteer program. Training will be provided if you are accepted. This application is due Friday, March 5 at 11:59 pm. Contact Joanne and Katelyn if you have any questions!



GM: Over the Counter Medication

This week, we will be inviting Evon Du, student and current OTC Medication Safety Chair at UCSD to give a presentation on OTC medication this Thursday from 6-7 pm. At the end of the presentation, there will also be a Kahoot where you can potentially win a free gift card!


As usual, the Zoom ID is uclaprepharm and the password is PPS2020. See you there!


Pharmacy Technician Opportunity 

Kevin Padilla, the pharmacy manager at CVS store #8829 located at 119 S. Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291, have reached out looking to hire individuals seeking pharmacy experience. They don’t need to be licensed and they would be first working as a clerk while being trained to become pharmacy technicians. This is a great opportunity for those wanting pharmacy experience and especially those seeking the 500 hours of pharmacy-related work route to get their license. The manager is also willing to, in the future, write a letter of recommendation to those that end up being hired. If interested, please email with your resume/CV.

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