Interested in gaining pharmacy experience? Then apply to become a volunteer at the Veteran's Home! More information and the application can be found below!


Week 6

Board Office Hours

Office hours will be resuming this week the new 2021-2022 board! You are welcome to attend any time that works for you if you have any questions or need any guidance, whether it be pharmacy-related or not! We’re here for you, so please stop by and meet the new board! Also remember that attendance is taken and can be counted towards active membership. 


Please check out this link for all office hour times and Zoom links.

Networking Night Feedback Form

Thank you everyone for coming out to last Thursday’s Networking Night! We hope you had a great time talking to all the pharmacists as well as gained insight on the many fields of pharmacy and the profession as a whole. With that being said, we would really appreciate getting some feedback from you all on the overall event! Please fill out this form by Week 7 Thursday at 6pm


GM: Veterans Home Pharmacy


This week we will be no Zoom meeting but we will instead be sending out the slides and attendance form over email Thursday evening. We will be having a presentation over the Veterans Home Pharmacy located near UCLA along with the volunteer opportunity it provides for PPS members. Additionally we will also be opening applications to volunteer here so make sure to check that out and apply if interested! 


LLUSP Virtual Webinar

Loma Linda University School of Pharmacy is holding a virtual webinar on Tuesday, 5/4 from 4-5 PM! This is a great opportunity to learn more about their PharmD program as well as the admissions process. If you are interested in attending, you can register at this link.

Senior Scholarship Application

Hello to all seniors! As members of the Pre-Pharmacy Society, you are eligible to apply for our Pharmacy School Scholarship. This scholarship is meant to help you in your future endeavors in pharmacy school. Seniors who have applied or are getting ready to apply to pharmacy school may apply for the scholarship here! The application for the scholarship will be due on Wednesday, May 19th by 11:59 pm


UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be having a virtual Open House this summer! This is a great chance to learn more about their program through an admissions presentation, student panel, and an admissions Q&A. The open house will be held Thursday, June 17 from 1-3:30PM PDT. Check out this flyer and this link to register!

CVS Health Scholarship

The 2021 CVS Health Minority Scholarship for Pharmacy Students is now open! The scholarship will be awarded to five underrepresented minority students who have been accepted into a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program for the 2021 entering class or were enrolled as a P1 PharmD student for the 2020 entering class. Each awardee will receive a $7,000 scholarship in fall of 2021! Applications are due by June 18, 2021. For more information about eligibility and application requirements, check out this link. If you have any questions, please contact the American Association of Pharmacy at  

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